D-lab is a graphic design studio. We provide creative potential, develop concepts, pay attention to important details and demonstrate that graphic ideas presented in advance of a new business adventure make all the difference to success.

D-lab was established in 2003 by lead designers Daniel Mazer and Henrique Borges. D-lab mainly focuses on projects such as brand identity, graphic-editorials, fashion as well as packages, promo products, sign communication and brochures.

Our creative team designs graphic solutions and develops esthetical concepts in alignment with the evolution and growth of brands. D-lab also partners with illustrators, photographers, web designers, fashion designers and architects should there be a need to do so.

Awards, publications and exhibitions:

1998 – 1st place in the National Contest for CENSO 2000 - IBGE
2004 – 1st place in the 2nd Curitiba Art Design Exhibition (graphic design category)
2006 – Selected project to the Cow Parade Curitiba (Curitiba, Brazil)
2006 – Participation in 1st Mocotoy | Toy Art Exhibition (São Paulo, Brazil)
2007 – Selected design for Box Doodle 2007 (Berlin, Germany)
2007 – Participation in Synth Eastwood (Dublin, Irland)
2009 – IdeaFixa Greatest Hits book - Illustration for the 10th edition of the magazine (Curitiba, Brazil)

Contact: +55 (41) 3333-3437 /

Cyrela - Brazil Realty



Projeto e execução de toda a comunicação visual do plantão de vendas do Ventura Ecoville (Dória-Goldsztein-Cyrella), desenvolvido  em parceria com a agência de publicidade Eugênio (Porto Alegre).


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